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Ficus lyrata ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’


This plant does not like to be moved around, does not like to be repotted unnecessarily and actually responds well to being root-bound. We recommend not to over pot them, nor pot them up in a planter that doesn’t have a drainage hole. When the plant is stressed, it shows it by dropping some leaves, it is best not to make drastic changes in hopes that it stops dropping leaves. Normally its just because its readjustment to something new; new environment, new pot, or new spot in your home. Although it is considered a finicky plant, it is also very resilient.

Place in very bright, indirect light. Prefers high humidity. Water when the top 1/3 of soil is dry, and water thoroughly.

‘Little Fiddle’, ‘Bambino’ and ‘Little Sunshine’ trees are cultivars of Ficus lyrata where the leaves stay smaller and are a bit thicker but have the same classic fiddle shape.

Toxic to pets, every plant is unique; the one you get may vary from the one in the photo.

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