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CDPxGFxPSC: Gasteria sp.


In collaboration with Cara de Planta x Gente Fina x Plant Shop Chicago

Cara de Planta creates the world’s happiest pots in an independent studio in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico using traditional ceramic techniques prehispánicas. Gente Fina creates quality lifestyle goods tailored to our Xicago community. Plant Shop Chicago encourages Chicagoans to add greenery to their homes while educating on plant care and lifestyle.
Together we partnered on the ‘Nopal En La Frente’ collection. Inspired by an old Mexican phrase, “Mocking those who go around pretending they are not Native”, and directly translating to ‘Cactus on the Forehead’.
We’re able to physically express how proud we are to have our cactus on our forehead. We’re around of where we’re from and our physical attributes that make us uniquely beautiful.

Planter is roughly about 4″x4″x4″

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